The philanthropic purpose of the Dreamers Scholarship Fund is to provide academic scholarships to students who have been approved under the US Government’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA enables certain people who came to the U.S. as children and who meet several key guidelines to request consideration for deferred action. It allows non-U.S. citizens who qualify to remain in the country for two years, subject to renewal. They are shielded from deportation and eligible to work and or attend colleges. DACA students are not eligible for federal , state loans or grants and need programs like the Dreamers Scholarship Fund to help achieve their dreams. The scholarship was founded and funded by Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kimball.


The Fund’s incorporators have filed articles of incorporation as a nonprofit charitable organization with the Texas Secretary of State and in accordance with the Texas Business Organizations Code, have named a Board of three persons to act as President, Treasurer, and Secretary in its articles of incorporation. The Fund’s incorporators have applied for nonprofit status as set forth in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (“501(c)(3)”).

The Dreamers Scholarship Fund Board members have appointed a Scholarship Committee that will create the application form, provide applications to qualifying students, review the applications, and select the scholarship recipients. Initially,four students, under the age of 27 and currently enrolled in a higher education institution, will be selected each year to receive a $500 scholarship each. The Board will appoint a person to set up and manage a website or Facebook site to provide information, applications, and eligibility requirements. The number of scholarships and amounts will be changed when additional funds are donated. The changes will be determined by the Board.

The Dreamers Scholarship will open a nonprofit bank account at Capital One Bank in Houston, Texas, with a $25,000 donation from Robert H. Kimball and Vyone P. Kimball. The Board will seek other donations from interested parties. The Fund will not conduct fundraisers and will be dependent on donations only.

The Fund does not expressly empower it to engage, otherwise, then as an insubstantial part of its activities that in themselves are not in furtherance of one or more exempt purposes.

Upon dissolution, the Fund’s remaining assets will be used exclusively for exempt purposes as set out in 501(c)(3).


The vision of the founding members of the Fund is to provide funds for the education of qualifying students who normally are not allowed to obtain grants or loans from governmental and nongovernmental sources.


By covering some expenses, the founding members of the Fund expect that the recipients of scholarships will be helped to remain in school, eventually graduate, and become an asset to the United States of America. The Fund will succeed in its mission by providing funds to assist qualifying students while they are in school.

Dr. Robert Kimball
Executive Director and Founder
Dreamers Scholarship Fund
July 22, 2019